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Food Fact & Fit Fridays!

Brown VS. White Eggs ... What is better??

So, what came first the chicken or the egg? Just kidding this post has NOTHING to do with that ongoing debate behind this protein packed secret.

Time and time again I have watched my friends buy “brown” eggs. Having absolutely no idea other than the reference from celebrities on television shows saying “brown” eggs are the new in and more healthy. Guys I have a little secret (SAVE YOUR MONEY).


Approximately One egg White Egg has:

70 calories but

6-7 grams of high-quality protein

4.5 grams of fat

1.5 grams of saturated fat


Brown eggs are better for you!!!!

Approximately One egg Brown Egg has:

70 calories but

6-7 grams of high-quality protein

4.5 grams of fat

1.5 grams of saturated fat

Sorry folks, the color of an egg is not an indicator of egg quality. when it all boils down to taste and nutrition, there is no difference between white and brown eggs. How and what they are fed, and what type of hen lays them is the Kicker. Despite the fact that someone told the people this lie, they're often more expensive. But brown eggs aren't any better for you than white-eggs, and vice versa! Check out this story from HuffPost it tells you a little more about it!

Keep a look out on Fridays for my IG story to find out more facts on the food you eat!

IG: @Tiffiep


So this week we are diving into some workout tips!

Each Friday ill post a Gym Vibes WOD so be on the look out and share it with a friend!

Here is a workout packed with a punch to shake up your routine! Even sub it out for other movements and keep your body on edge and your mind motivated to reach your goals!

Around the World:

4 rounds beginner- 6 Round Intermediate - 8 round Advanced( Goal: +10 reps at each movement)

60 sec squats ( Use dumbbells or a barbell with light weight for the challenge)

10 sec plank hold

45 sec walking lunges (Intermediate/ Advance: Us DB's or a barbell on your back)

10 Side elbow plank hold

30 second movement - Push ups in a positions that allows you to do the most repetitions (Int/advanced switch rounds between decline push ups on a bench)

10 sec other side plank hold

15 sec Box jumps (or FAST steps up) 6inch box

10 sec plank hold

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