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"Doing Something Right" - Bobby C.


Ok you guys know how much I LOVE the @lululemon brand and one thing I love more is getting to share it's value and the stories of the amazing people behind that brand. One thing that I set as one of my goals was so to be an elite ambassador within the 2 years. I am still on the mission but with a different purpose. The store ambassadors have so much to offer the world and so I wanted to give them even more recognition for the greatness that they are!

Being a Global ambassador gives you the plat form to touch the world.... but in reality, if you simply are the person you are... you will touch the world either way!

I wanted to be able to do the fun things in the community and thought that I needed to have that big voice to make it happen.... it helps, BUT it is not the ONLY way to be heard. After the run campaign #letyourmindrunfree, I really started to look at the people that were around me that had stories that needed to be shared! There were people right next to me that truly are the change I wish for the the world have! I hope you enjoy hearing about them and that you take one thing away from this story that helps you make this week even better!


Meet Bobby fellow lulu Ambas with me at #lululemonnorthpark in Dallas!!!!! If you are in the Big D area don't miss class with Bobby! Check out his IG for more details! He is a force and it is a joy being on the lulu team with him, getting to know who he truly is, and seeing what motivates him to be his best!

"Being able to look at my life and see so many people that care about, love and support me everyday, it let’s me know I must be doing something right." - @bobbycandles

Bobby Candelas

Where you are from and currently live:

Born in South Texas (Harligen) Live in Dallas, TX

3 words to describe who you?

Loving, Neurotic, Resilient

What did you want to be when you grew up?

All sorts of things—I think from a career perspective it was an Educator, my entire family is in education.

How would you describe how you put in the extra 5% towards your goals ex: sports, job, friendships, health and wellness etc.?

I believe we make time for people and things we care about—we are all busy, we all have deadlines and commitments, the most valuable commodity we have to share is our time and making a point to spend it with people and actually following through and doing it is HUGE. I make it a point to take my fellow fitness instructors/friends classes regularly, to maintain friendships that mean a lot to me and to call and text my mom at least a few times a week (that woman is my rock).

Where does your passion to go the extra 5% come from?

I believe if you are given a talent it’s a gift that meant to be shared—we are at our best when we are in service to others. Connection is paramount and we grow so much by giving to others. We all have something to share and I feel personally compelled to be of service to others by my mother’s example—the woman is selfless and I couldn’t have asked for a better example of someone who is human and fallible but always strives to make things better for others.

What keeps you motivated?

At 30 I was sitting on my friend’s patio for NYE like I had so many years before and I took stock and said, “the time for change is NOW” I felt stuck and in a rut and I just knew that the time for me to teach yoga had come (after 5 years of practicing and much encouragement by some awesome teachers of mine). I resolved to take a teacher training program that year right there and then—though at the time I didn’t know with who or where. Then the universe started talking to me…A couple of weeks later events at work (where I’d been for almost 12 years) started to precipitate that would eventually lead to the company filing for bankruptcy and me being out of work in June of that year. A few months into the year one of my long time teachers told me that he would be leading his first ever teacher training with some senior teachers in Dallas. As work was winding down I had quite a bit saved up in an HSA that I never really used that would be gone if I didn’t put it to use—so I decided to see a mental health professional for the first time since I was in college. I was able to piece together a lot and realize that I needed to let go of what was comfortable in order to grow and be happy—I learned that comfortable and happy were not synonymous. As I was interviewing for new roles and flying all over the country that spring to meet with perspective employers the message kept coming back to me (from friends, colleagues, strangers, teachers) that I needed to pursue what was tugging at my heart and if I wanted to I could teach full-time and make it work. (A scary proposition for a brand new teacher!) Long story short I feel like there are certain times in your life when the stars will align and the universe will show you the path and you have to be courageous enough to follow it—I feel like I was given an opportunity to reorient my life and I don’t intend to squander it.

Biggest accomplishment to this day?

Being able to look at my life and see so many people that care about, love and support me everyday, it let’s me know I must be doing something right.

What is your biggest struggle?

Staying grateful even as I’m working towards bigger goals—to know that I am enough as I am, right now.

Fave way to sweat?

Yoga! Spin is a close second.

What brings you the most joy? Spending time with humans I care about.

Fave food to eat?

Breakfast! Give me eggs and bacon, or chicken and waffles or biscuits and gravy—I’m a fanatic for breakfast food.

What does nutrition mean to you and how do you stay on track with your busy job and lifestyle?

Go to healthy snack of choice? How I choose to fuel my body is crucial—when you have an active job you have to be ready to deliver sometimes 5-6 times a day. I’m all about balance, flexible dieting is the name of the game and moderation by being intuitive and listening to what makes my body happy (and not so happy). It’s passe but I always have a Quest Cookies and Creme bar or two on me.


Tiffie p

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