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"Measure Up"

Ok Gang!

So, lets just cut to chase of this. Number 1 thing I am asked by people CAN I HAVE YOUR ABS/BODY!? I am proud to be a strong built woman. I use to think it was funny because I do not do a ridiculous amount of abs to get them (directly). My core is KEY to being an athlete but it is not about doing sit ups until you cramp. To be honest and I KNOW you hear this all the time abs are made in "A" kitchen. Yup, I said "A" kitchen which means not just yours.

As a bobsled athlete I had to gain 30lbs of muscle mass and I wish I were joking. As a track athlete I come in at a whopping 138-42lbs ( for my metic people ill get to that conversation understanding at some point in my life ... lol) 8 weeks later in my first USA bobsled season I was 175lbs. Then had to manage my weight again for track season. I know exactly how to fuel my body to perform both sports but it takes time and the right nutrition (with an occasional french fry & chocolate chip cookie trip.. at least I am honest lol).

I LOVE being an athlete but I have a couple of secrets to tell you guys. I go to bed at 9pm, train 6 days minimum of 2 hours a week, and there are some genetic factors that play a huge role in my body build. SO, you can not spend your days trying to be me, you have to find YOUR perfect way to measure up to your best YOU! There is no quick fix easy way, its permanent maintenance (crazy concept right). Let's start with knowing your plate and then we can tapper that to knowing your goals...

Remember when we were all little and we had those small trays in the cafeteria that sectioned our food off perfectly so all the juices would not stew together? My Childhood and still "adult" obsessive dislike for my food to touch on a plate thanks the creator of this.

Seriously, I realized later in life that there was a deeper meaning behind this school styrofoam organized creation. Ladies and gents I present to you PORTION SIZE lol.

When trying to understand portion sizes, start by meeting yourself in the middle with your current nutritional choices.



Tip 1: WATER IS KEY! I will have a story on it later but a person should approximately consume half their body weight in oz daily!

Example: Body Weight= 160 lbs

drink : Approx. 80oz of water a day !

TIp2: Try cutting things in half for dessert, split it with a friend or save it for later in the week if you can. When you are out with friends eating, cooking in your home, or even going out on a business meeting try to memorize this plate and these hand symbols for better portion sizes understating. As an athlete we are ultimately in charge of if we succeed. We have a coach but it our job to understand what we are doing and how it affects us. My athlete mind notices and creates patterns and routines. It's all practice and that same thing goes for my nutrition. It is not always 100 percent, I give myself a gold star cheat meal to stay sane as it matches with my goals because that is normal!

Here are some helpful tips when trying to assess your portion sizes:

I love food and seriously love cooking but I truly also I like going and trying new mom and pop places a couple of times a month wherever I am. A person can not live their entire life on chicken and broccoli. My love for cooking 1. Helps me save money, and 2. Allows me to be in control of my nutritional goals. My nutrition fuels my body as an athlete and helps me recover and perform at my highest level. I also travel a lot and lean on some meal prep companies when it get crazy in season!

I did not just wake up one morning and know how to eat healthy or what the heck macros were, or various diets and why people pick them. I had to become certified and educated in nutrition so that I could learn and also be not just a good, but a GREAT virtual nutrition success coach for people! I also took time to create recipes that offer healthy substitutes to still enjoy the taste and flavor or food.



So here is the extra credit that I like to use for my nutrition coaching clients and when I meal prep my lunch!

Large MASON JARS ( basic... but effective)

Here is a website that will help you guys spice up and stay organized with your on the go meals.

Clothing : @lululemon #matthawthornephotography

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