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The extra 5%...


”The Extra 5%” is a concept that is dear to me and plays a significant role in my life.

When I was getting ready to graduate college I was asked a question by friend & later on turned event coach later turned lifesaver, later on turned mentor 2x medalist Bryan Clay.

Bryan asked me if I knew the difference between "us", a athletes sitting in the corner of the track amongst the most elite in the world and everyone else?

I crossed my arms and looked at the big fish who had been in the largest pond of them all, the Olympic Games. I watched the collegiate team trickle in and begin warm up laps.

I was once that athlete. I sat perplexed by his question.

I looked at him (with a Tiff deer in headlights face) and said, “Our workouts are harder?”

Bryan: The workouts are the workouts. There is more than one way to get to the goal.

Me: Umm, we train longer?

Bryan: That is because you are a multi and do so many disciplines.

Me: Silent and still deer in headlights trying to think if there is some magical biological response he is waiting looking for...

Bryan: Waits for a moment and sees my thoughts rolling into a black hole...

the difference between both groups is the extra 5% you are willing to put in that others will miss. The small things that make the big picture, the hours spent watching videos of the greatest athletes competing that people will not take time watch. The warm up and cool down/ recovery factors that are time consuming. They are just as athletic and some are even more than you. But you need to learn that the extra 5% is what separates elite professional athletes from anyone else.

My eyes were wide open after realizing that there is no way it could be THAT simple. But it’s the basics of what it takes for you to succeed in anything!

From that point on I have applied the extra 5% to my career as an athlete, my faith, job, health & wellness, relationships, etc! He told me how to become the best athlete I can be which lead me becoming the best version of myself that I could truly be.

Each week I will drop a 5% story that will feature someone in my community that helped me become who I am! Not the athlete (that is just a portion) but who I am as a person. People love an athlete story, but I want to give them the people that are not in front of the pack. People who define their "athlete" in other ways!

So with that stay tuned because there are some great stories from Elite athletes and everyday athletes coming your way!





So I am SUPER excited to partner with Fly Girl Collective. A community run group inspired by normal people who wanted to bring together community through RUN! I had the chance to do an interview with FGC so if you want to know more about be check it out HERE!

I knew that I had to jump on board and bring this to the USA from the UK! Fly girls are more than the miles, they are more than the time, they are girls that get together and help build each other up by using their strengths, and fears to pave a way for truly loving yourself and making goals that others can help you achieve.

With that said I am happy to get this kicked off with doing what I love best, connecting amazing people together to achieve the health and fitness success they never thought imaginable!

With that I want to offer help!

My online nutrition program will help you get the jump start on adding that 5% to your health!

One lucky "GrandFlyGirl" winner will get some of my favorite kick start the morning "smoothie making" goodies from @nowfoodsofficial to help with their goals!


To the first 4 people:

1 week meal plan

3 body weight circuits

AND- these 4 people 75% off my online nutrition program that makes meal planning easy!


5 other people will get a 50% off code for the online nutrition program as well as are entered in to win the grand prize!


To enter:

Subscribe to my blog!

Follow: @Tiffiep & @nowfoodsnutrition

Email me First Last name and a small snippet of who you are and why you should be the GrandFlyGirl :)!

Not a requirement BUT-

Tag #permanentmaintenance #flygirlcollective to show how serious you are about adding that 5% to your fitness journey!

Winners will be announced on my IG story in June!

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