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"Permanent Maintenance"

Hey friends!

Sooooo I had a lot and I truly mean A LOT of people ask me about a blog. At first I didn't know what to write or what to say... honestly I wondered WHY I was so special? What is it that they want to know and how can I be the one that draws them in? What if no one cares about what I have to say, I can hardly pick off of a restaurant menu let alone juggle my focus of topics and thoughts that I think people want to hear me talk about.

I reflected on a lot of things that have happened to me this 2018 year and with a push from some amazing people in Dallas (s/o to my #lululemonnorthpark family) I think I found my place in the blog world.

I went on a journey first wanting to be an Elite Athlete Ambassador for a company that I love! That turned into me being the face of the #Letyourmindrunfree campaign Lululemon along with 3 others Charlie, Nina, and Mike, that only connected with ONE thing in common before our flights touched down to meet each other for the first time... that thing was #RUN.

We all had stories, we all had energy and we all woke up with our own reasons to smile. TOGETHER we were 4 impacting community leaders and people from around the world who spoke the language of our feet pushing through a concrete jungle of opportunity, each starting the run for their own reason.

On this trip to Malaga Spain with the Lululemon squad, people I now call friends, WE are what community means. Different ages, paths, different struggles, ethnic backgrounds, same great hearts, same search for goals and whole lot of kick ass energy!!!

The Lululemon "Let Your Mind Run Free" campaign showed me that it is more than miles, and medals. It is the journey of unlocking your freest state through movement, the people, reading the signs on the road, and for gosh-sake taking that quick moment of snapping a picture of a sunset because you can!

My Goal is to - bridge the gap- as Charlie @daddydarkrdc would say... Be the voice that can bridge the coined view that society has placed on us. No one knows the body image issues, the eating disorders, the depression, the loneliness, and the false friendships that some athletes truly face throughout their entire careers.

It's not always chicken and broccoli on the plate despite what a weight loss plan will tell you. Vulnerability allows you to grow and I want to give you guys stories from people that are my community. Flawed and perfect in their own way. People like you and even me who are on a path to whatever they think is their calling, or more importantly what they will create.

I want to bring the REAL when it comes health, fitness, wellness, success, goals, struggles, I want to show REALITY to people. One thing that I always play in my mind is giving the extra 5%. I mean heck, it's the reason I am typing right now. There is 5% more energy that you can give to change your path you walk on. 5% that can make you an amazing mother, father, boss, sister, brother, even friend. This blog is that space and I am SO excited to show you the strength of a true community of people that holds the world in their hands. Each post will be coincide with my Instagram & focused on some of the things outlined above with features from athletes and regular (real life clothes/ jean wearing) people ;-) !

Be the athlete and more importantly the person that tells the FULL story. What you eat, how you train, what scares you, who you surround yourself with, what makes you successful, how do you fail and get back up?

Well friends with that, I welcome to blog birth.....

"Permanent Maintenance"

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