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As if completely mastering one sport was not enough, Tiffeny Parker has reached the top in the high-performance tier of two Olympic sports competing as a heptathlete with Team USA Track & Field and a member of the USA Bobsled Team. In addition to being a professional athlete, Tiffeny is a brand consultant & global executive leadership high-performance mindset coach for C-Suite leadership in the fortune 500.


She is the high-performance mind and heart behind SideTracked the Executive Coaching program that discovers the multi-dimension human potential.

She understands high stakes and rewards. The passion to constantly seek progression in all aspects of life sparked her interest in the psychology behind behavioral changes & habit formation. Leading her intellectual curiosity toward 4 years of high-performance coaching in the executive leadership arena.

Tiffeny brings her competitive spirit, experiences and lessons learned as a professional athlete to help others prepare and operate at full capacity under pressure in their pursuit of excellence and to truly learn to find joy in who they are, in what they have and will achieve.

She applied her love for community growth, co-launching a brand community consulting agency earlier this year. Client work includes Cedars Sinai, Lululemon, Athleta, Wilson & more. 

Tiffeny coaches holistically including health & wellness behavioral performance. She is a  fitness programmer, & fitness nutrition specialist. She has held serving Non & For-profits like Cedars Sinai, The Rose Bowl Insistue & Classroom Champions which empowers over 100,000 students by combining SEL, mentorship, & mindset of world-class athletes who help improve engagement, build growth mindsets and inspire positive classroom leadership culture.

In her time as a student-athlete, Tiffeny obtained her undergrad degree in Business Administration, a masters in Business Admin. and a masters in Management & Marketing from Azusa Pacific University. Going on to later complete a Master's degree in Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Management. 

She looks forward to uncovering your untapped potential resulting in your best sustained high performances. 

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Los Angeles, CA 

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